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Almond cakes

9 Nov

I’m getting obsessed with almonds. Why? Because one of my friends told me that she had eaten a Taiwanese cake with ‘frangipane’ inside. I love frangipane and since this year it’s gonna be hard to find the most famous cake having it (the  Twelfth Night cake), i’m looking for it everywhere i see almonds.

However once again i was tricked by the mooncake, and the whole egg yolk inside. Too bad. I lost.

So i tried another one, not a mooncake but a plain one with almonds. Heavy, and with a weird taste. definitely not frangipane. I still have to look for it.

Tea egg

9 Nov

You can find them in 7/11. I wanted to try because it looks kinda scary i think. A dark egg all cracked…

In fact, it’s pretty much the same. A little too dry for the egg yolk, but the white was nearly the same (i barely taste a difference).

Japanese Restaurant – NCCU

9 Nov

Not really that good. Ok, but too expensive i think for what it has to offer. The fish isn’t that great and it’s not like a real Japanese Restaurant (at least compared to what i’ve tried in Japan)

Plastic Bag Food

9 Nov

Another typical thing here is that students often eat in plastic bags. I don’t know if they are aware that plastic bags are bad for the evironment, but they use a lot of them: for breakfast you can easily have 2 or 3 plastic bags, then for your drinks, then for your lunch that you bring to class, and then for your dinner. So usually you use at least 4 plastic bags per personn per day. Let’s say that there are 23 146 090 people in Taiwan, it makes 92 584 360 plastic bags used each day. That’s crazy. 

Anyway, i’m not here to talk about that. I tried some food in a stall, where you pick what you want, they cook it for you, and then they directly put your food into the platic bag that they close. So you don’t have any plate, you directly eat in the plastic bag with the sauce in it. Nice. But that’s the only kind of restaurant where you can find vegetables that are not too oily and still affordable. And despite its look, that’s not bad actually.

Curry at the Left Hand

9 Nov

Another try. Say “Ka li” for curry: fried chicken with veggies. Here curry is pretty famous but don’t expect the western curry: it’s mostly sauce with some rice.

Pumpkin Soup

9 Nov

Again a recipe to have some vegetables. However i don’t know most of the veggies here and i don’t speak chinese well enough to find the translation. And since there’s only one micro waves, the easiest thing to cook is soup.

– chicken broth
– one little pumpkin (800g)
– 1 liter of water
– half an onion
– salt

Cut the pumpkin, the onion in small pieces and put into 1L of water with one cube of chicken broth and salt. Cook for around 15mn in the micro waves.

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