Alan’s Coconut

27 Oct

Why Alan’s Coconut?

Alan is a nice man taking care of us at the front desk. He’s known for making delicious coffee (according to the students who tried his coffee, it’s the best ever) and is there during the night and early morning. So i had this coconut in my hands (it looks more like a turnip to me but anyway…) and i wanted to eat it, but the traditional way of beating the coconut with a knife to open it  wasn’t working. I guess it’s because it’s smaller and the cockle isn’t the same. I was only able to drink the juice (delicious by the way).

Desesperated i went at the front desk to ask if there was a way to open it and if there was a special way to eat it. Then Alan took a big stuff that looked like a cork screw (dunno what it was) and started knocking it on the coconut. 1 minute later, it was open and just like a egg, perfect to be eaten with a spoon! So this becomes Alan’s Coconut! Thanks Alan!

Now the fruit: the inside is really thin and all soft compared to an usual coconut. It’s also a little bit pink. I liked it, but really not convenient to eat.

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