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Lunch box

18 Oct

One of the good point about asian food, it’s that you can have a proper meal in a lunchbox, and that they sell them on board in the train. Here i had a “special one”, and that’s quite big! That’s really convenient, and i like that. Different compared to the sandwich, and a way more healthier.

German Cake

18 Oct

Why would i wrote about a german cake if i’m in Taipei? Well, Taiwanese do like to put western attribute to their cakes, so here is a Taiwanese version of a so called “German cake”. However i doubt that’s really the case, as their “French breads/pastries” look nothing like French. And i asked some German girls if they knew about it (since i’m in an international environment, that’s easy to check), and it seems that they don’t.

Anyway, back to the cake itself. The dough is really big here, and too dried to be good. The cream/flan is heavy, but creamier than the usual. However, again, it lacks taste. And then you have the jam, that mixed itself with the cream quite well.

Overall: to heavy and creamy, no subtlety at all.

Traditional Mooncake after the hour

18 Oct

I went to a bakery that was supposed to be good at baking mooncakes for the festival (well, my Taiwanese friend told me so), but i thought you could find them only during the Moon Festival. SInce my last experience with a mooncake, i didn’t want to try another neither. So i went there, picked one little thing that i was hoping would be filled with “frangipane” since one of my friends had one filled with it once. I saw the word “egg” on it, but still, since everything is made with egg, and Taiwanese love to mae their food sound healthy, i thought it was only one of the ingredients…

So imagine my surprised when i cut the cake, to find a real cooked egg yolk inside! Oh my god. I was soo disappointed, and scared to try it. A sweet dessert with and egg yolk…That’s was really hard for me. But i managed to do it. Result: you don’t really taste the egg because of the red been paste around it, but it doesn’t really have much taste at all. Not good and quite heavy, but not as worse as i thought it would be. So in a way that was better than expected.

However, i will be careful to not buy it again, and now i asked for the word “almond” in Chinese to be sure to not make the same mistake twice…

Seaweed Peanuts

18 Oct

What could be our appetizers. But don’t let those little peanuts in my hands, because i’ll finish everything. I love it. I think that’s my favorite appetizer of all time. Salty but not too much thanks to the seaweed, you have the peanut flavor, and at the same time it’s crispy. Oh gosh, i really wanna eat them. I finished the whole bottle in one afternoon, and i only saw them on Green Island. I think that’s also a special dish from the area, but that’s too bad because i’ll never go there again… I’ll miss them like hell….

Taitung Buddha’s hair fruit Biscuit

18 Oct

A long name, but i don’t know how it’s called. I just know that’s a specialty of Taitung, because there are a lot of Buddha’s hair fruit. As this is one of my favorite fruit, i had to buy the biscuit, which i thought would be like a pineaplle cake, but with Buddha’s hair. I was quite right. Of course, the biscuit is less dry than the pineapple cake and less crumbly, but still you can find this filling paste that you also have in the pineapple cake. This is quite good, even though i don’t think that it tastes like the fruit at all. I think i’ll buy them again if i return in the area.

Yogurt Art

18 Oct

I tried a new ice-cream concept (at least new for Paris), where you can choose your ice-cream between 6 flavors, and then put whatever you want with it. There are indeed small boxes where you can select fruits, dried fruits, cookies, chocolate…. and then you pay according to the weight. I think it’s quite expensive for the thing, compared to shaved ice, and that’s not better. The yogurt ice-cream really taste like yogurt, so i was a bit surprised and disappointed.

However, the concept of making your own ice-cream is really good, so i’ll keep it in mind.

Yogurt Art

MRT: Gongguan

The Left Hand restaurant – NCCU

18 Oct

I had already talked about this restaurant, but now i have the video. Unfortunately for me, the day i filmed, the cook was slow compare to last time (well there were far less people too), but still, he’s doing quite well.

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