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Taiwanese breakfast: Congee

17 Oct

Another typical Taiwanese breakfast this morning, congee, or a rice soup with mushrooms, corn, green oignon, youtiao. That’s hot, spicy (pepper i guess), and you really feel like you’re a child eating your porridge. This one wasn’t really good i guess, too compact, but i think that’s not that bad compared to some other things. I’ll try another shop if i can, but that’s the only one near NCCU selling those things…

Dried Mango

17 Oct

Because we have apricot, grapes, but no mangos like these…

Hualien cakes

17 Oct

Here are some typical cakes or biscuits from Hualien. Unfortunately i couldn’t buy fresh mochi, so i bought this. They are filled with Taro (some kind of sweet potato). I prefered the red one to the green one. I could have been really great if it wasn’t too sweet.

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