Risotto Restaurant – Shilin

7 Oct

A must not go restaurant.

First, the bread: taiwanese bread, and quite dry.

Second duck and pesto pasta…Where the hell did they see that pesto is like a cream? And it didn’t taste like pesto at all. My pasta were in this juicy green thing that was barely ok. I was soo disappointed to think that such an easy thing as pesto pasta can be screw up like that.And duck? Oh yeah, there was duck actually, those 2 ridiculous small pieces that they dare call “duck”.

Third: they say it’s an italian restaurant, but they don’t even have water. You can’t find anything that’s not sweet, even their tea is sweet. I chose a yogourt that tasted and looked like a medicine.

I really don’t recommand this one.

In front of the exit shilin night market
MRT Shilin

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