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Rice and Noodles take-away – NCCU

7 Oct

I found my new take-away place. The cook is just amazing. Just  looking at him is already a show. He uses a wok and never stops, even when he put fire so high that the flame is taller than him. His dexterity is really impressive. I must take a video next time.I stand in front of him for more than 15mn waiting for my food, but i didn’t get bored at all watching him.

This place is in the small street near NCCU, so foreign students don’t seem to go there often. However it’s really cheap (i had this for 50 TWD) and that’s delicious.

In the small street on the right side of the main gate

Bacon & Cheese Garlic Bread

7 Oct

I tried a different garlic bread since this one was small.

Bacon, and cheese. Not the cheese we usually have, but the american one, in slices for their hamburgers. I didn’t expect cheese inside, but well, i’m starting to get used to being surprised with Taiwanese food.

I prefer the bread of the simple garlic bread, because it is bread (even if it’s with butter), while here it’s between bread and bun again. However the bacon is ok. Another strage fact is the “skin” of the bread that is sweet exactly like a rich shortcrust pastry…

Cream corn and sausage bread

7 Oct


Yeah, this is supposed to be bread…Well, i try to pick the salty ones, but they’re sweet anyway. I guess the cream is made with milk because it was salty. Otherwise, except the fact that’s super oily and that all your hands are greasy, i guess it could be worse. Just be prepare to not eat all salty. The other one was better though.

Instant Noodles

7 Oct

I tried this to see the difference with those they sell in Europe.

I guess it’s different than the ones in Europe. They’re ok, a little spicy, but i still prefer the Japanese one than those one. On the other hand, they’re cheaper. Still that’s better than the beef noodles i had last time.

Indonesian mango candy

7 Oct

My Taiwanese friend gave me this candy that comes from Indonesia.

Nice, you can really smell the mango flavor, and it’s not too sweet. It’s like the little bears but with more flour (or it taste like flour a little bit) and with a mango flavor. Original.

Risotto Restaurant – Shilin

7 Oct

A must not go restaurant.

First, the bread: taiwanese bread, and quite dry.

Second duck and pesto pasta…Where the hell did they see that pesto is like a cream? And it didn’t taste like pesto at all. My pasta were in this juicy green thing that was barely ok. I was soo disappointed to think that such an easy thing as pesto pasta can be screw up like that.And duck? Oh yeah, there was duck actually, those 2 ridiculous small pieces that they dare call “duck”.

Third: they say it’s an italian restaurant, but they don’t even have water. You can’t find anything that’s not sweet, even their tea is sweet. I chose a yogourt that tasted and looked like a medicine.

I really don’t recommand this one.

In front of the exit shilin night market
MRT Shilin

Noodle Soup – NCCU

7 Oct

I asked one of my teacher if she knew some good noodle restaurant around the campus, and she gave me this one.

I chose a simple one. It’s really hot so if you’re not used to, don’t buy it during summer. It’s a little bit spicy, but not too much, and i loved it. The soup is great, and the noodles too. It’s a little bit more expensive than the usual for the neighbourhood, but it’s worthing it i guess.

At the end of the street on the right when you are at the main gate
It’s written on a green board.

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