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7 Oct

This is an eggplant. Well the shape is really different, but it makes me think about the difference between our bodies: In western countries we’re bigger, as our eggplants, while here people are all slim, like their eggplants. It’s great because it’s a lot easier to cut! But on the other hand, you have less things to eat.

Sad Lettuces

7 Oct

So far i’ve only seen lettuces in this shape here. Too sad that i can’t find real and fresh lettuces. I mean, poor them, they can’t breath!


7 Oct

Another fruit. I know we have this in France but we mainly use it to decorate our dishes. Not really interesting, it doesn’t have any taste. Now i know why we don’t often eat it. But it’s fresh, full of water, and light.

Green Orange

7 Oct

Another kind of green orange but this one is bigger than the other (the size of a clementine) and the inside is really orange, like a normal orange.

The taste is more between grapefruit and orange.

Little Green

7 Oct

This is a small orange that looks exactly like a green lemon (in color and size).

I knew it wasn’t a green lemon because i talked about it with my Taiwanese friend that told me that here, oranges are often green.

So i called this one “Little Green” since it’s not orange anymore.

The taste is between green lemon and orange, but i’m not sure if it was riped when i ate it…

Red Pear

7 Oct

Little red pear, sweet and nice.

Crêperie La Bretagne

7 Oct

Another disappointment.

Starter, a salad. I was glad because finally we could have a salad. Even if their lettuce aren’t fresh (you can only find iceberg lettuce here). But the sauce? Yogourt? Ok, why not. Surprising, but ok, it wasn’t bad.

Then the crêpe. I chose a egg & ham one. First, it arrived cold. And it wasn’t because everyone was served and i was the last one, no we all had our crêpe lukewarm while it was supposed to be hot. Then, there were nearly only salad again, with yogourt again inside while they didn’t mention that it was a “salad crêpe with some ham and an egg”. And even for those who chose salmon, the salad was nearly the main dish.

And they don’t even know how to cook an egg?! Com’on! The eg yolk was all dried!

And then, the dessert. Hum, the size…Not even a quarter of a crêpe and it cost more than 2 lunch near NCCU… The ice-cream didn’t have any taste. And my so called “Suzette crêpe” had only the orange taste, exit the Grand Marnier and the nice butter…

The only thing that was great was the cider.

Considering the price that’s nearly the same as Paul (around 450TWD), i’d definetly prefer Paul. This is just a scam. I know that French food here is expensive and isn’t the same as in France, but still in itself it was not good and it’s a way too much for this.

Crêperie La Bretagne
n°13 Chifeng Road
MRT Zhongshan

Rice and Noodles take-away – NCCU

7 Oct

I found my new take-away place. The cook is just amazing. Just  looking at him is already a show. He uses a wok and never stops, even when he put fire so high that the flame is taller than him. His dexterity is really impressive. I must take a video next time.I stand in front of him for more than 15mn waiting for my food, but i didn’t get bored at all watching him.

This place is in the small street near NCCU, so foreign students don’t seem to go there often. However it’s really cheap (i had this for 50 TWD) and that’s delicious.

In the small street on the right side of the main gate

Bacon & Cheese Garlic Bread

7 Oct

I tried a different garlic bread since this one was small.

Bacon, and cheese. Not the cheese we usually have, but the american one, in slices for their hamburgers. I didn’t expect cheese inside, but well, i’m starting to get used to being surprised with Taiwanese food.

I prefer the bread of the simple garlic bread, because it is bread (even if it’s with butter), while here it’s between bread and bun again. However the bacon is ok. Another strage fact is the “skin” of the bread that is sweet exactly like a rich shortcrust pastry…

Cream corn and sausage bread

7 Oct


Yeah, this is supposed to be bread…Well, i try to pick the salty ones, but they’re sweet anyway. I guess the cream is made with milk because it was salty. Otherwise, except the fact that’s super oily and that all your hands are greasy, i guess it could be worse. Just be prepare to not eat all salty. The other one was better though.

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