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Cake & Madeleines Bamas

1 Oct

My parents took me into pity when they went to taste a pastry world champion and MOF in South of France, so they sent me one of his cake and some madeleines. Humm so nice of them.

Anyway, again, i’m starting to grasp the fact that pastry is really like Arts and philosophy: everyone has its own view about how a dessert should be. Even a cake can be so different from a chef to another.

This cake is really a “Cake” as i see it (while Pierre Hermé is the further one. I loved it, but i found it so different from a cake). I saw that Bamas used chocolate and melon, i was quite surprised to find those ingredients in the recipe (i definitely must train my tongue to be able to taste them!). Compact, not too sweet, but still soft even if you eat it several days. You can’t distinctly differentiate the taste of the nuts from the orange one and that’s what i liked about it. And, last but not least, the hazelnuts!

Now the Madeleines. I was first surprised by their shape! How come, is this really a madeleine?! The cake was conventional, but the madeleines, certainly not! They were really sweet and addictive because of the honey. And since they’re small, you tend to eat a lot, saying that it’s not really important if you eat one more or one less…Really tricky. The honey also make them less dry than usual madeleines, and a plus, there’re some almonds on it to make them crispy!

Pâtisserie Bamas
Place Cinq Cantons
rue Charles Kraemer
64600 Anglet

Shaved Ice…finally…

1 Oct

It’s been a while since i wanted to go to Shilin night market. Not for shopping, but for food of course. It’s supposed to be the best night market on this subject. I’ve heard about Oyster omelettes, Stinky Tofu and Shaved Ice. Unfortunately for me, i couldn’t taste the 2 first ones, but i bothered so much the people wandering with me about the Shaved Ice, that we went there. And i did right, because everyone liked it in the end.

So, what’s special about this ice cream? It’s made of milk, and it is exactly like coconut. They grate it so it really look like snow. They add fruits with it or chocolate, peanut, red beans… depending on what you want. However, you can also have simple shaved ice with different taste than milk and no fruits. It’s quite big so you can share: we had 2 ice creams for 5 and it was ok.

The restaurant we went is one of the most famous of the market, you have to wait to get your seat, and once you’ve finished eating, they quickly quick you out to let other sit down. It’s near the teather. Unfortunately, i can’t read the name in Chinese.

I couldn’t find any dessert that i really liked here, well, i’ve finally found it. But that’s for summer, i need to find one for winter, now…

Shilin Market

On the right side of the teather near the MRT exit

Taiwanese Almond yoghurt jelly

1 Oct

I tried this desert because i had already tasted a sample of almond milk and it was pretty good. So i wanted to see if this yogurt (which is actually between a jelly and a yoghurt) would be the same.

How was it? You know the lotions you use for your skin with almond flavor? Well, try to think eating the same taste. I really like it. but again the flavor wasn’t strong enough. I suppose that comes with the country, since even chocolate is often tasteless here. They gave me some mango purée to put on it, but almond milk and mango…i don’t know, i prefer almonds alone.

The texture of the yogurt is really jelly like and pretty hard to eat (like every jelly i’d say). Maybe i’ll eat some again.

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