The “Pomme de pin” fruit

21 Sep

Today was another of my “fruit experience” day. I bought something i haven’t seen in my life before. When i first picked it, the seller told me that i couldn’t eat it right away, so i asked for a good one. Now i know how to pick it! But i still don’t know the name of this fruit, so i called it “pomme de pin” (pine cone), because that’s what it looks like (at least to what i can assimilate it with).

To eat it, you have to remove the green things one by one, and then you’re left with some white things where you can find seeds inside. It took me about 30 minutes to eat it. That’s really long, but it’s good. But again, that must not be the right way to eat that because if it is, that’s quite horrible.

This fruit is good, sweet and fresh, i also love it.

I also tried some small bananas that are firmer than the one i usually eat. Quite good too. In fact so far all fruits are awesome.

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