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Eric Kayser Taipei

20 Sep

I tried the Brioche and a “sablé”, a simple one with butter (again in the description in the shop, i recognized “milk”, as if it was something healthy…).

The sablé was nice, but i would have baked it a little longer i guess. Otherwise the taste is great, you can smell the butter but not too much, and the sugar too on the border of the biscuit. Nice but not unforgettable.

The Brioche was with chocolate and orange peels. I didn’t expect the orange peels, but it was really nice. The flavor is here again, but it was starting to dry a little at each end of the brioche, so maybe add a little butter and also make it softer.

In the end, the shop is quite like in Paris (good but not awesome), except that the bread is twice as expensive as in France (100TWD) and that the “baguette” is more expensive than unconventional breads like the curcuma or olive ones (that’s quite strange…). You also can find some Taiwanese bakeries i guess because they sell strange flavors that you can’t find in France shops.
However, their almond croissants look awful. I even wonder how they can present it to customers. It doesn’t look like croissant at all, just likea cake that was too cooked and you can’t even find the croissant shape.

Of another funny thing! They sell brioche that looks exactly like “biscotte” (continental toast)! We were looking at them and my friend was saying that she needed some for her breakfast, so she took it, and was surprised to find it was a brioche!

It’s quite expensive for here, so once it’s a while it’s ok. It cost me 210 TWD for one little bread, 1 brioche and one biscuit.

B2 Breeze Shopping Mall

MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing

Japanese Restaurant – NCCU

20 Sep

We’ve tried a Japanese (i guess according to the name of the dishes) restaurant near NCCU. You can easily find it, it’s just after Mc Donald and they also sell lunch boxes.

One went for chicken and soy sauce, the other one for chicken and rice soup, and i went for the pork donbastu or something like that. What is great is that they give you a lot of vegetables, and you paid around 70TWD (1,75euro for this). Of course the veggies are not fresh, but that’s already awesome to have so many when you know that one fruit is more expensive that the whole meal. And that’s good, so why ask for more?
With this, they also give you free-refill cold tea and a broth that wasn’t bad.

I recommand the chiken rice soup, which is hot but really delicious and you’re totally full after it. My pork was also really good with spicies but without being too spicy.

Nearest MRT: Taipei Zoo

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