18 Sep

Mouhaha Since i have 2 lemon cake, i’ll compare them! That’s going to be fun, because it’ll be the first time that i have actually the same product from 2 different shops. The first one is from Pierre Hermé, and his famous and well-reputated Lemon Cake, and the second one from Des Gâteaux & du Pain, my fav bakery in Paris which also has a woman pastry chef. I wanna see if the famous Pierre Hermé’s lemon cake is as great as said, or if it’s just a myth like Ladurée’s Macarons which are not that great and industrially made (i nearly fell down of my chair when i heard that. I don’t wanna go there anymore -for their macarons-. Fortunately for me, i’m not a macaron lover).

So so so. First of all, they don’t have the same ingredients. Pierre Hermé’s cake has a lot more ingredients: rum, Guérand’s salt, confit lemon, which G&dP doesn’t.

After that, Pierre Hermé’s cake is really smooth and humid, not like the usual cakes. I think it is because of the rum. The lemon flavor is really present. In fact, it’s delicious but not like the traditional heavy “cake” that you have during your trip. Anyway, really good.

Des Gâteaux & du Pain’s cake is quite different. First, you have some kind of jelly on it. I was first surprised, but that’s good. Then the inside is more traditional, drier, but the jelly on the top is perfect to make it not too dry. It tastes more like lemon (not that the other one didn’t, but i mean yellow lemon).

In the end, i think they’re both awesome but i’d rather go the Pierre Hermé’s cake.

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