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18 Sep

The first restaurant i went in Taipei. Sorry but i don’t remember the name of the building where it was located.

The spinach were, well, spinach. I haven’t tasted any bad spinach so far, so it is pretty much the same everywhere for me. The chicken was mixed with ginger and the cooking quite nice.

I loved the shrimps with the frying even if the sauce was too spicy for me. Maybe i’d have cooked the shrimps a little bit more, but it was good.

The eggs in the middle…tasted like tofu, so i didn’t enjoy it and i can’t tell if it’s good or not.

As for the dessert, it was tapioca bubbles with some black sesame fresh cream. That was delicious. So far this is the only good dessert i have found. Fresh, with game of textures between the bubbles and the cream, tasteful and without too much sugar.

This restaurant is quite great, but more expensive than the others: count at the very least 600TWD per person.

Cold Stone Creamery & Capatina Ice creams

18 Sep

It was really hot, i was hungry and i wanted to try some ice cream. Hum, my bad. I tried 2 ice creams from 2 different shops since i was disappointed by the first one. Unfortunately for me, the second was even worse.

The first one i tried, from Cold Stone Creamery, was supposed to be banana, vanilla ice-cream and whipping cream. Banana: 1/6 of a banana. whipping cream: 1/4 of a tea spoon, vanilla ice-cream: 1/2 of a scoop. You will not die because you eat too much with that. And it was pretty expensive compare to what it was. The taste was ok, i mean, like fast food ice-cream: not great ice-cream but with the mix it’s not what matters, but  not a really good quality/price ratio.

The second one, from Capatina is suposed to make italian ice-creams, so i was hoping for some quality. The lemon sorbet didn’t taste anything. Only water and if you really concentrate yourself you can taste the lemon. But you really have to concentrate really hard. That’s a shame because lemon sorbet is easy to make and doesn’t cost a lot. It was the same for the passion fruit sorbet. They have the colors, but that’s all. Not even worth another try.

I noticed something while i was eating my ice-creams. People don’t eat the waffles of their ice-cream. They all leave it. I know that they don’t really enjoy crispy/crunchy things (you can’t find crispy bread, only loaf and bun, meat is often in soup and with a lot of fat so you don’t have really anything hard to eat, and they mainly only have creamy chiffon cakes as cakes!). So when i was eating my crispy waffle, everyone was looking at me.

Cold Stone Creamery                                          Capatina
                                        B1 Sogo Shopping Mall
                                      MRT: Zhongxiao Fuxing

Green grapefruit

18 Sep

I tried a new grapefuit that is green, like the green lemon but 20 times bigger. It’s bigger, less bitter than the grapefruits in France. Maybe it’s also a little sweeter but it has thus less taste. However, if you don’t usually like grapefruit you should like this one. Good, but hard to eat!

Brochette Sausage

18 Sep


I tried this sausage, but i wasn’t really sure it was a sausage at first. Well, what i liked about this it’s that the dough around the sausage isn’t too oily, but dried. I don’t know the real name, but that’s good. Their sausage is sweet again. Maybe i’ll try to find how to make it at home because it looks quite simple.


18 Sep

Last week was the Moon Festival. People usually do BBQ and eat mooncakes, but that’s all. So, i tried one mooncake. The traditional one is filled with an entire egg yolk. However, one of my friend had tried it and it was quite bad. 

I asked for the less sweet that the bakery had, and they gave me this. I recognized black sesame and almonds.
The filling is too heavy, it stays in your mouth, a little bit like fruit jelly but less sweet. I’m not used to black sesame taste so it became quickly sickening. I asked the others what they thought about mooncakes, and they also don’t really enjoy it. Still, black sesame and almonds are a good match.

This one is from the brand Milkhouses.

Rou Bao

18 Sep

Here is one new dish: Rou Bao, or the Meat bread.

Well, you can’t expect to find real bread as we know it in Europe, but they have a lot of soft breads and loaf ones. This meat bread is for breakfast. It’s a steamed d filled with meat, garlic and some spices, depending on each shop i guess. This one was good, but the filling was quite small compared to the bread i think.

A lot of people eat that in the morning, and all the breakfast shops sell them. However, you can buy some for lunch and diner, but i don’t know if they’re the same. I’ll have to check.


18 Sep

Mouhaha Since i have 2 lemon cake, i’ll compare them! That’s going to be fun, because it’ll be the first time that i have actually the same product from 2 different shops. The first one is from Pierre Hermé, and his famous and well-reputated Lemon Cake, and the second one from Des Gâteaux & du Pain, my fav bakery in Paris which also has a woman pastry chef. I wanna see if the famous Pierre Hermé’s lemon cake is as great as said, or if it’s just a myth like Ladurée’s Macarons which are not that great and industrially made (i nearly fell down of my chair when i heard that. I don’t wanna go there anymore -for their macarons-. Fortunately for me, i’m not a macaron lover).

So so so. First of all, they don’t have the same ingredients. Pierre Hermé’s cake has a lot more ingredients: rum, Guérand’s salt, confit lemon, which G&dP doesn’t.

After that, Pierre Hermé’s cake is really smooth and humid, not like the usual cakes. I think it is because of the rum. The lemon flavor is really present. In fact, it’s delicious but not like the traditional heavy “cake” that you have during your trip. Anyway, really good.

Des Gâteaux & du Pain’s cake is quite different. First, you have some kind of jelly on it. I was first surprised, but that’s good. Then the inside is more traditional, drier, but the jelly on the top is perfect to make it not too dry. It tastes more like lemon (not that the other one didn’t, but i mean yellow lemon).

In the end, i think they’re both awesome but i’d rather go the Pierre Hermé’s cake.

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