Les Délices de la Vallée

5 Aug

This is the best traditional bread i usually eat when i’m on holiday in Dordogne. Their bread is always amazing and i can’t understand why we can’t find the same in Paris. We used to go to another bakery but since the owner retired, we go there. The other bakery was so famous in the cities around that all the supermarkets and shops sell his bread. This was called Le Pain de Meyral (the Meyral Bread), from the name of the town the bakery was located (the town was so small that there was only one bakery). Now someone else took over this bakery, but since we were not sure about this new bread, we prefered to go to another town to eat another delicious bread.

So if you’re in the area, just look at this Couronne, doesn’t i look amazing?

They also have another bread called le Rustique. They say it’s the same bread and yeast but it doesn’t really have the same taste, maybe because of the shape. I really prefer the couronne to the rustique, which is less easy to cut anyway and dries quicker than the couronne that you can keep 3 days easily.

Also we tried their viennoiseries. My parents said it bring them back to the past they are “rustic”. I don’t really like them, the croissants aren’t as thin and crispy as those from des Gateaux & du Pain. Maybe that’s because i don’t know old viennoiseries…

Les Délices de la Vallée
Rue Gambetta
24220 Saint-Cyprien

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